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it seems to me
that what we see
is never what it seems
seeming pointless
points drifting into convex structures
underestimating the sharp
tongues of my mind's eye
i repeated one night
alone in my bathroom
staring at my reflection
quivering, shaking
"it's not their fault"
"it's not their fault"
"it's not their fault"
"it's mine"
my body not seeming human
convulsing like a demon set free
my eyes no longer brown but black
lacking proof that life once lived
underneath this skin
the skeleton with hollow bones
the air flowing through
singing songs in minor
but deaf are the ones who listen
and dead are the ones who heard
my shoes
worn from years
of walking
looking for places to step
feeling for solid ground
protecting my soul
from falling through my toes
like my friends
knots tied around their necks
tired of fighting the pulse that they hear
coming undone
breaking out into
songs and screams
yelling into the darkness
"you will not control me
i am stronger than  you"
where one day
my shoes
will guide me home
one day
is never enough.
twenty four
one thousand four hundred fourty
eighty six thousand four hundred
is never enough time
to say all that i want
to say
to breathe all the air
that i want to breathe
it is never enough time
because those minutes
go by like they dont exist
those hours
pass my brain every two seconds
flashing the bright numbers
ten colon thirty
when i wake up on a saturday
two colon fourty
when i finally go to sleep
and those dreams
never hold anything
they are like clouds
so appealing
yet everything falls straight through
the next morning
not bothering to get out
of the clothes i slept in
i spend too much time
in bed
staring at the ceiling
when all this madness will end
one day
it will be my birthday
but it will feel no different
than the day my uncle died
yes that is depressing to hear
im sorry that you have such
a small brain
but that is my point
one day
will be my demise
and i dont know
how one day
will be enough
to hold all that air
one day
it was thanksgiving
and i could not
hold back
the tears of
an anxiety attack
while my "family"
and smiled
and really thought
i guess
i shouldnt try
to keep these words in
ive only got
twenty four
one thousand four hundred fourty
eighty six thousand four hundred
to say them
and she moves with the wind
not bothering
to tie herself down
and she moves with the wind
not bothering
to tie herself down


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